Name Lamba
Age 4 years
Height 15 hands
Sex gelding

This is gentle red roan gelding that has been ridden on many trail rides. He is well broke and will ride double, he will pack saddle bags, and ride bareback. Lamba will cross water and walk out nicely on the trails. He stands 15 hands tall and He is 4 years old. He has a comfy and easy to sit canter and jog. He is good with all four feet, his ears, and he stands tied. He also loads, bathes, and hauls with no issues. He is friendly, easy to get along with other horses, and he will ride out alone. He has also been used out in the pastures to check cattle. He unloads in new surroundings and will ride off as if h e has been there many times before. He is not spooky and he will only go as fast as you ask of him. He is sound and has no vices



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