Name Blink
Age 6 years
Height 15 hands
Sex mare

Blink is a nice moving , smart, and willing. She is a big mare with eye appeal and ride. She stands 15.1 hands tall and she is 6 years old. She is attractive and well built. This mare has been ridden in the arena by a lady in her 60’s and been out in the pastures to check cattle. We have taken her trail riding and she will cross and depth of water and go through or over whatever you point her at. She is brave, confident, solid, and dependable. She is a big mare with lots of style and ride. She is easy to stop, she backs up, moves off of leg cues, stands tied, and loads nicely. She will ride out alone and she will ride with a group no issues. She will lead or follow. She has been in the woods and on rocky and rough terrain. She is sure-footed and picks her way patiently through tough footing. She is sound and has no vices.



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